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Experience and Qualifications

Andrea Regan MPhil, PgDip, BSc(Hons)

After qualifying with a BSc Hons in Physiology and a Masters in Speech and Language Processing in Ireland, I moved to Edinburgh in Scotland and qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist. Before moving to Frankfurt, I worked in the National Health Service in London where I enjoyed gaining a wide range of experience with children and adolescents in a culturally rich community where the majority of children are bilingual with English as a second language.


I have experience working with children who have a range of difficulties including; phonological and articulation issues, stammering, language delays as well as children who have autism and developmental delays.


Now living in Frankfurt I carry out sessions through English and work with both native English speakers and bilingual/multilingual families. I am a registered member of the Health and Care Professions Council UK(HCPC), Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and continue my professional development by attending training courses and seminars each year.

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